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The Girl In The Square

I’m happy and excited to share that this blog has been growing recently. I am so grateful for all of you, big THANKS!

I thought I would devote a special post to share some to know each other, ain’t this amazing ? 

I will respond to your questions, the ones you asked on Instagram and also share some few facts about me.

After that I would just love if you share somethings about yourselves in the comments!

Why Guulule ?

Why Guulule..!? Here is the story. I was looking for an unique or let’s say authentic username (Instagram) that will describe my perception of things. So I took a piece of paper and as usually, I started writing. By the way, “I like creating words”; I got Guulule, Guulule finds its meaning in every positive adjectives. I use to tell myself in front of a mirror “I am guulule” rather than “I am beautiful”

Then Guulule’s Square is a particular place here on the internet to share with you the journey in which I am and also expose my creativity for you to get inspired and do so.

What is the goal of Guulule’s Square ?

The main Goal of Guulule’s Square is to inspire! Inspire you to pursue your dreams and live your passions. 

Also Guulule’s Square aims to educate and promote the Black Cultures.

Why did you start content creation and what inspire you to create ?

Alright, it all started some months ago when I traveled to Ghana. I needed to be heardso I started developing ideas through Instagram. What inspire me !? I’ll answer “Myself, my Vision”

Why do you write in English and not in French, do you only have English readers ?

Well, they are French and others readers on the blog and there is also a google translate button on the blog site that gives access to a multiple of languages. We never know who comes through the site so to allow everyone to read I included it. By the way, if you are also a blogger, I encourage you to do so.

Any projectssponsorship ?

Alas no yet. I am doing my best so I hope one day I’ll announce you I got sponsored. 

Projects !? Yes I plan to cover an event. Let’s cross fingers 

What is your greatest desire ?

It took me so long to answer this question (haha) Let’s say I want my own Star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood as the best Journalist Broadcaster ever!

What conspiracy theory of the corona virus caught your mind ?

I am laughing right now. You know at the beginning of all these, we heard that covid19was planned to kill black people especially Africans so that those powerful ones will come and take our Lands… it is still in my mind though (haha) but also seems funny.

Some few facts about me

Alright, for the new readers my Name is Josephine Anne Moya Djigbenou. I am 20 years Ivorian and I have a great taste of foods. 

I am Christian Methodist and I accept and respect other’s Religions.

I may find my peers here, I am the last born of a family of 6 ( any last born in here? Let me know, I have something for you haha )

I was a bad* student in JHS ( hmm ) and everything has started in SHS when I changed my program to study French Literature and Philosophy.

I am pursuing a Bachelor of Art in Communication Studies in Methodist University College Ghana.

I dream of being a Journalist, my charisma need to be exhibited (haha). I will also be an author God’s Will.

I have a passion for modelling BUT i don’t think I’ll get a chance in that industry because of my shape. ( I am not complexed, i just feel like… I am fat ) 

I like cooking, singing, writing and d a n c i n g please do not ask me why I spaced the word like that please huh.

I have an online shop Moyanne. I made amazing jewels with african materials for both male and female. You can check them out and shop right here or visit the page. (Check the Menu)

• I hate mangas ( I am sorry ), my favourite sport is basketball ( Hello LAKERS ) and I support Barcelona in the polemic ( Lionel is the best player though Ronaldo is the finest footballer ever, don’t bite me )

That’s the end of our special post ! Now tell me a fact about you in the comment section.

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