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9 Awesome Quotes From My Favorite Pocketbook

[NOT AN AD] – Today I am sharing 9 awesome quotes from my favorite pocketbook. I am not loyal when it comes to reading, but once I get my hands on one that adds value to my being, trust

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Things No One Tells You About Studying In The US

Let’s no one lie to you, being in the US is cool. However, there are so many things no one tells you about studying in the United States. I was wondering whether or not to share those as I

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Living In Texas: Visiting The Dallas Museum Of Art

Here is a good idea for the newest in Dallas (from a newer), The Dallas Museum of Art is open and waiting for you to walk in.

I recently visited the DMA and, I couldn’t wait to share it

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Embracing Oneself

MA01-J. You don't need to hear it from others to really feel it. Love and appreciation come from one's within - Other's thoughts of you comes in second place. Embrace your wholesomeness.
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Here’s To Many More

Here’s to many more, many more blessings and realizations. Happy New Year, 2022 friends.

May this new year be a year of fulfillment and accomplishments, a year of opportunities and quality wins.

A year full of love, joy, heavy

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Moving To America And Starting All Over

As far as I remember, moving to The United States of America was in my “almost” everyday prayers. I remember writing it down on pieces of paper and in my journals, mentioning it in my every new year’s wishes.

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welcome back to Moya Anne

Welcome Back To Moya Anne

Happy to have you back on this amazing Blog. I have been away for a while working behind the scene, resting, aligning myself to my new environment and, now it’s time to get back to it again. As promised,

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