Hello Moya

Weekend Getaway in New York City, NY

A+ Sisterhood invited me to their Mother’s Day Brunch in June 2023 in New York and I went. Actually, Audrey, the organization’s president and host said the party would be boring without me. I know she wasn’t joking, but why would she, I am a spec (sometimes). Anyways, Who am I to say no to such opportunity? It’s New York, baby, I wanted to visit that place since I moved here. Here is a quick journal summary of my weekend in New York and some Film photos I took there.

The People

Aysha and Mafleurre were my age mates.

Hi, Audrey, Fatim and Jessica.

I think Mafleurre was mad at me at the end of the weekend because I pissed the hell out of her. But she is fine now. As for Aysha, I shook a bit of her dried dating life that one evening, she is still not over it, but she will be fine – I hope so.

The Bites

Starting with the Shrimp, Plantain, Tarrrrrtarrrrrrr of Chef Jessica Coucounette. That’s the main reason I was in New York actually, to eat her food and brunch with her family.

How I wish you people could taste it.

New York City On Fake Film

Last but not least… Those Times Square photos

We all see them on TikTok and Instagram, but to think that it will happen to you? eiiiiih please, fill my cup!

The main target was Fatim. When the photographer approached us to show the pictures I said “I OOOP. Sir you’re going to get some frames of me NOW” – and he did, lol.

That’s all for New York. Hopefully, I get to go back again soon and visit more!