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9 Awesome Quotes From My Favorite Pocketbook

[NOT AN AD] – Today I am sharing 9 awesome quotes from my favorite pocketbook. I am not loyal when it comes to reading, but once I get my hands on one that adds value to my being, trust me I am committed to going through the whole pages within hours.

This is the case of my favorite pocketbook, The Art Of Client Service by Robert Solomon. I don’t think I will ever get tired of re-reading this book because it is so rich and educative. Feel free to steal at least one quote from the list below and apply them to your daily moves.

While this book targets creatives in the media and marketing industry, you should be free to replace every word with ones from your industry to make it worth it.

Why do I love this book

Well, I bought it for my creative freelance studio. I thought it would be great to acquire some marketing skills out of the formal bubble (school) – so why not learn from an expert?

1.  → First, it is very small and I can take it everywhere I go (just like MTN haha). I always put it in my school or work bags. I read it on the bus, on the train, during my class breaks, and even on the seat (you know which one I am referring to right!?)

2.  → Secondly, the book is well-organized. I wish I could highlight the whole lines because all the words within are wisely chosen.

3.  → Third, it is very educative for me as I aspire to work in the related industry.

Steal These 9 Awesome Quotes From My Favorite Pocket Book

Still, I’m a realist.

People buy exactly what they see.

Define success at the outset, but don’t bet on it.

Trust is the very foundation of a great relationship (…) A great relationship leads to great work.

Respect the work and the people who made it.

When writers or art directors show their work, they are sharing a pieces of themselves.

A good presentation isn’t accident. It requires proper casting.

Great work wins business, a great relationship keeps it.

It takes emotional commitment to make creative work, it takes emotional detachment to make it better.

Do you love this book? Get it here.

Hi friend, thanks for reading. What is that one book you can’t stop thinking about after you read it? Share with us in the comment.


    1. Love this quote “when an art director or creative show their work, they share a piece of themselves” I can resonate so much with this

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