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Everyone has an intro story, so here is my little one.

I am a full-time student and a self-taught web & graphic designer slowly taking my steps into the digital world.

When I am not thrifting or at home cooking delicious meals, I am on the street taking pictures of everything I see for my instagram stories.

Kind Words

10/10. Thank you for this great work Moya; For being so patient and creative with my request. I hope you are able to fill that portfolio with nore and much more great projects!
Silvia Nadege
Overall very pleased with the design and how patient Moya is. I 100% recommend her for all web design project.
Jasmine Sena
I love what Moya did with my blog. It's simple and easy to navigate through. She was so patient and time conscious. She is a blogger herself so she has the perfect experience. Hence she can work with you and give you the design of your dream.
Naa Aforkor

More about me


Transfer to UNT.
Intern at La CIE, Abidjan.
Graduate from Dallas College.


Start my AS Degree in Dallas College.
Stop blogging and focus on designing.
Move to Dallas, Texas.


Embark on social media.
Start blogging and designing .
COVID-19 hit the world.


Move to Ghana to pursue my BA. Communication Studies.
Graduate from High school in Ivory Coast.