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Here’s To Many More

Here’s to many more, many more blessings and realizations. Happy New Year, 2022 friends.

May this new year be a year of fulfillment and accomplishments, a year of opportunities and quality wins.

A year full of love, joy, heavy laughs, and cool experiences. May you find the peace and clarity you’ve been praying for.

Make no room for discouragement or regret this year, give every idea a try, dare, have fun, and don’t settle for the minimum.

Moya Anne

To my friends who don’t know where to put their heads yet, there’s nothing wrong with starting a new year without a mood board. But you should not forget to put everything in God’s hands. This is enough to start.

I am also starting this year with no real plans. I did it last year, not because I did not want to plan my 365 days ahead but because I did not know where to start. Though I did not write anything down, I have the big picture.

The great thing is that you can always catch up within the first few weeks. You will be able to focus and think about how you want your year to be, no way to rush.

Here are some reminders you should take along this year:

01. Don’t be scared to try new things this year, dare.

02. Don’t wait for anyone to do anything, you + you = enough!

03. Invest in yourself and your passions.

04. Make new friends, and create valuable networks.

05. Believe in yourself, love yourself and be super proud of yourself.

Again, happy new year, wishing you 2022 good things.

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Moya Anne - here’s to many more

Hello friends.

Hope you enjoyed the holidays. It’s now time to get back to normal (I hate it too trust me haha), wish you all the best. Here’s to many more wins!

11 thoughts on “Here’s To Many More”

  1. Happy New Year My Love … GOD, through his Holy Spirit and through our Activities helps us to achieve our goals.

  2. I did well to ask you then, cause I was so in a bad mood this past weeks.
    Happy new yearr Girll and thank you❤️

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